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Russell Collection Art Gallery is moving to a new location in Austin, TX

Please click on the image below to view a video and learn more about their relocation.  Jill Pankey is one of the Russell Collection’s current artists.

Here are a few of Jill Pankey’s newest paintings that are for sale at the Russell Collection in Austin.


click on image above to view these images in a larger format.  Use your browser back button to return to this blog.


Jill Pankey Wins Award of Excellence At New Beginnings Art Show in Manhattan

Jill Pankey just received an award at Manhattan Arts International’s third annual New Beginnings exhibition with an outstanding array of imaginative interpretations of this theme.  The artists selected for this exhibition reflect the notion of “New Beginnings” with artistic originality and a proficiency in their styles and mediums. The jurying process was extremely challenging due to the outstanding quality of entries received from artists worldwide. To read about my curatorial process and criteria please visit for her works on canvas.  Please visit the following link to learn more about the array of talented artists that were selected for this prestigious art showing.  Manhattan Arts International.

This painting is currently for sale at Jane Hamilton Fine Art in Tucson, AZ.  click on image above to view movie on the New Beginnings Art Show. Use your back button to return to this blog.


Please feel free to visit Jill Pankey’s Art Web Page:

Galleries Representing Jill Pankey’s Art:

Jane Hamilton Fine Art – Tuscon, AZ

La Posada de Santa Fe – Santa Fe, NM

Russell Collection Art Gallery – Austin, TX

Emerald C Art Gallery – Coronado Island, CA

Here is an image of Jill Pankey’s newest painting that is now for sale at La Posada de Santa Fe.

I have been curious about the female form as far back as a young child and continue to experiment and exploring the figure as an artist today.  My message continues to grow and expand overtime, but my goal is to include an underlying theme about body image and personal meaning, while leaving the door open for the viewer’s interpretation.  Much of my work focuses on color, pattern, and movement, while celebrating all women and body types at any age. In today’s climate I see hopeful changes coming for women and in that direction I am inspired, by sisterhood, empowerment, body image,  humor,  and aging with abandon.   I am not sure where this investigation is going to take me, but I am still flying high and motivated to go where this exploration leads me.

 “Challenges” a 48×36 inch oil on canvas painting by Jill Pankey.  Click on the image to view in large format.

This Painting just sold from Jill Pankey’s Art Studio in San Marcos, TX

 “This Is She” a 48 x 36 inch oil on canvas painting by Jill Pankey. Click on the image to view in large


Congratulations to Marie Hines Cowan who won The Jill Pankey Award in Painting from Manhattan Arts International – 2017 for her figurative painting.

“Marie Hines Cowan’s oil painting, ‘Erinyes’ resonated with me because of
her playful female figurative forms, dancing with abandon and running
amuck in her studio. After viewing her body of work, I was drawn to the
notion of allowing the ‘muse’ she describes as her inspiration, to guide
her colorful, skilled and confident compositions. Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’
may have been inspired by the muse, but Cowan’s contemporary colorful
series is a reminder that the artist is responsible to bring forth a
message of enlightenment during good and bad times. There is a warmth in
her color palette that draws the viewer into her canvas. Her work
motivates us to wear that confidence that she portrays with each stroke.”
~ Jill Pankey

Pankey Giclee Prints For Sale at

If you are interested in obtaining a print of the above painting images or other art works by Jill and Bob Pankey, please follow the following web link:

Giclee Prints by Jill & Bob Pankey

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