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Congratulations to Marie Hines Cowan who won The Jill Pankey Award in Painting from Manhattan International Arts for her figurative painting.

“Marie Hines Cowan’s oil painting, ‘Erinyes’ resonated with me because of
her playful female figurative forms, dancing with abandon and running
amuck in her studio. After viewing her body of work, I was drawn to the
notion of allowing the ‘muse’ she describes as her inspiration, to guide
her colorful, skilled and confident compositions. Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’
may have been inspired by the muse, but Cowan’s contemporary colorful
series is a reminder that the artist is responsible to bring forth a
message of enlightenment during good and bad times. There is a warmth in
her color palette that draws the viewer into her canvas. Her work
motivates us to wear that confidence that she portrays with each stroke.”
~ Jill Pankey

About HerStory Exhibition 2017

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